Earth and Space Science

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Obtain, evaluate, and communicate observations about time patterns (day to night and night to day) and objects (sun, moon, stars) in the day and night sky.
Ask questions to classify objects according to those seen in the day sky, the night sky, and both.
Develop a model to communicate the changes that occur in the sky during the day, as day turns into night, during the night, and as night turns into day using pictures and words. (Clarification statement: Students are not expected to understand tilt of the Earth, rotation, or revolution.)
Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to describe the physical attributes of earth materials (soil, rocks, water, and air).
Ask questions to identify and describe earth materials—soil, rocks, water, and air.smooth/rough, dark/light, etc.
Construct an argument supported by evidence for how rocks can be grouped by physical attributes (size, weight, texture, color).
Use tools to observe and record physical attributes of soil such as texture and color.

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