Physical Science

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Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to describe objects in terms of the materials they are made of and their physical attributes.
Ask questions to compare and sort objects made of different materials. (Common materials include clay, cloth, plastic, wood, paper, and metal.)
Use senses and science tools to classify common objects, such as buttons or swatches of cloth, according to their physical attributes (color, size, shape, weight, and texture).
Plan and carry out an investigation to predict and observe whether objects, based on their physical attributes, will sink or float.
Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to compare and describe different types of motion.
Plan and carry out an investigation to determine the relationship between an object’s physical attributes and its resulting motion (straight, circular, back and forth, fast and slow, and motionless) when a force is applied. (Examples could include toss, drop, push, and pull.)
Construct an argument as to the best way to move an object based on its physical attributes.

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