Physical Science

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Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to investigate light and sound.
Use observations to construct an explanation of how light is required to make objects visible.
Ask questions to identify and compare sources of light.
Plan and carry out an investigation of shadows by placing objects at various points from a source of light.
Construct an explanation supported by evidence that vibrating materials can make sound and that sound can make materials vibrate.
Design a signal that can serve as an emergency alert using light and/or sound to communicate over a distance.
Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to demonstrate the effects of magnets on other magnets and other objects.
Construct an explanation of how magnets are used in everyday life. (Clarification statement: Everyday life uses could include refrigerator magnets, toys, magnetic latches, and name tags.)
Plan and carry out an investigation to demonstrate how magnets attract and repel each other and the effect of magnets on common objects.

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