Geographic Understandings

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The student will locate major topographical features a) Identify major rivers of the United States of America: Mississippi, Ohio, Rio Grande, Colorado, Hudson b) Identify major mountain ranges of the United States of America: Appalachian, Rocky c) Locate the Equator, Prime Meridian, and lines of latitude and longitude on a globed d) Locate Greece on a world map.
The student will describe the cultural and geographic systems associated with the historical figures in SS3H2aaIdentify on a political map specific locations significant to the life and times of these historical figures b) Describe how place (physical and human characteristics) had an impact on the lives of these historical figures c) Describe how each of these historical figures adapted to and was influenced by his/her environment d) Trace examples of travel and movement of these historical figures and their ideas across time e) Describe how the regions in which these historical figures lived affected their lives and had an impact on their cultural identification.

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