Government/Civic Understandings

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The student will explain the importance of the basic principles that provide the foundation of a republican form of government a) Explain why in the United States there is a separation of power between branches of government and levels of government b) Name the three levels of government (national, state, local) and the three branches in each (executive, legislative, judicial), including the names of the legislative branch (Congress, General Assembly, county commission or city council)c) State an example of the responsibilities of each level and branch of government.
The student will discuss the character of different historical figures in SS3H2aaDescribe how the different historical figures in SS3H2a display positive character traits of cooperation, diligence, courage, and leadership b) Explain how the historical figures in SS3H2a used positive character traits to support their beliefs in liberty, justice, tolerance, and freedom of conscience and expression c) Explain how the historical figures in SS3H2a chose when to respect and accept authority.

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