Historical Understandings

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The student will explain the political roots of our modern democracy in the United States of America a) Identify the influence of Greek architecture (columns on the Parthenon, US Supreme Court building), law, and the Olympic Games on the present b) Explain the ancient Athenians idea that a community should choose its own leaders c) Compare and contrast Athens as a direct democracy with the United States as a representative democracy
The student will discuss the lives of Americans who expanded peoples rights and freedoms in a democracy a) Paul Revere (independence), Frederick Douglass (civil rights), Susan BAnthony (women's rights), Mary McLeod Bethune (education), Franklin D'Roosevelt (New Deal and World War II), Eleanor Roosevelt (United Nations and human rights), Thurgood Marshall (civil rights), Lyndon B Johnson (Great Society and voting rights), and Csar Chvez (workers rights)b) Explain social barriers, restrictions, and obstacles that these historical figures had to overcome and describe how they overcame them.

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