Multiple genres

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The student recognizes and analyzes literary elements within and across increasingly complex traditional, contemporary, classical, and diverse literary texts.
Infer multiple themes within and across texts using text evidence;
Analyze how characters' qualities influence events and resolution of the conflict;
Analyze plot elements, including the use of foreshadowing and suspense, to advance the plot
Analyze how the setting influences character and plot development.
The student recognizes and analyzes genre-specific characteristics, structures, and purposes within and across increasingly complex traditional, contemporary, classical, and diverse texts.
Demonstrate knowledge of literary genres such as realistic fiction, adventure stories, historical fiction, mysteries, humor, myths, fantasy, and science fiction;
Analyze the effect of rhyme scheme, meter, and graphical elements such as punctuation and capitalization in poems across a variety of poetic forms;
Analyze how playwrights develop characters through dialogue and staging;
Analyze characteristics and structural elements of informational text, including:
The controlling idea or thesis with supporting evidence;
Features such as references or acknowledgements
Organizational patterns that support multiple topics, categories, and subcategories;
Analyze characteristics and structures of argumentative text by:
Identifying the claim;
Explaining how the author uses various types of evidence and consideration of alternatives to support the argument
Identifying the intended audience or reader
Analyze characteristics of multimodal and digital texts.

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