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Informing. The student expresses and responds appropriately to informative messages.
Research ideas and topics to acquire accurate information from a variety of primary, secondary, and technological sources;
Use appropriate communication skills to request, provide, and respond to information in interpersonal conversations;
Use appropriate verbal, nonverbal, and listening skills in interviews;
Use appropriate information and effective critical-thinking skills in group decision-making and problem-solving processes;
Plan and present an informative group discussion for an audience;
Plan, research, organize, prepare, and present an informative speech;
Rehearse speeches to gain command of ideas and information, reduce communication apprehension, develop confidence, and practice presentation skills;
Use notes, manuscripts, rostrum, and visual and auditory aids appropriately in speeches;
Use effective verbal and nonverbal communication in presenting informative speeches;
Apply critical-listening skills to analyze, evaluate, and respond appropriately to informative group discussions and speeches
Develop and use communication skills needed for academic achievement such as participating appropriately in class discussions, using active and critical-listening skills, and taking accurate notes.

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