Earth and space

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The student knows that the natural world includes rocks, soil, and water that can be observed in cycles, patterns, and systems. The student is expected to:
Observe, compare, describe, and sort components of soil by size, texture, and color;
Identify and describe a variety of natural sources of water, including streams, lakes, and oceans; and
Identify how rocks, soil, and water are used to make products.
The student knows that the natural world includes the air around us and objects in the sky. The student is expected to:
Record weather information, including relative temperature such as hot or cold, clear or cloudy, calm or windy, and rainy or icy;
Observe and record changes in the appearance of objects in the sky such as the Moon and stars, including the Sun;
Identify characteristics of the seasons of the year and day and night;and
Demonstrate that air is all around us and observe that wind is moving air.

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