Social studies skills

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The student applies critical-thinking skills to organize and use information acquired from a variety of valid sources, including electronic technology. The student is expected to:
Obtain information about a topic using a variety of valid oral sources such as conversations, interviews, and music;
Obtain information about a topic using a variety of valid visual sources such as pictures, symbols, electronic media, maps, literature, and artifacts;
Sequence and categorize information.
The student communicates in oral, visual, and written forms. The student is expected to:
Express ideas orally based on knowledge and experiences;
Create and interpret visual and written material.
The student uses problem-solving and decision-making skills, working independently and with others, in a variety of settings. The student is expected to:
Use a problem-solving process to identify a problem, gather information, list and consider options, consider advantages and disadvantages, choose and implement a solution, and evaluate the effectiveness of the solution;
Use a decision-making process to identify a situation that requires a decision, gather information, generate options, predict outcomes, take action to implement a decision, and reflect on the effectiveness of that decision.

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