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The student understands characteristics of good citizenship as exemplified by historical and contemporary figures. The student is expected to:
Identify characteristics of good citizenship, including truthfulness, justice, equality, respect for oneself and others, responsibility in daily life, and participation in government by educating oneself about the issues, respectfully holding public officials to their word, and voting;
Identify historical figures such as Helen Keller and Clara Barton and contemporary figures such as Ruby Bridges and military and first responders who exemplify good citizenship;
Identify and explain the importance of individual acts of civic responsibility, including obeying laws, serving the community, serving on a jury, and voting.
The student understands the impact of individual and group decisions on communities in a constitutional republic. The student is expected to:
Give examples of community changes that result from individual or group decisions;
Identify examples of actions individuals and groups can take to improve the community;
Identify examples of nonprofit and/or civic organizations such as the Red Cross and explain how they serve the common good.

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