6.2-6.3 Number and Operations

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classify whole numbers, integers, and rational numbers using a visual representation such as a Venn diagram to describe relationships between sets of numbers
identify a number, its opposite, and its absolute value
locate, compare, and order integers and rational numbers using a number line
order a set of rational numbers arising from mathematical and real-world contexts
extend representations for division to include fraction notation such as a/b represents the same number as a ÷ b where b ≠ 0
recognize that dividing by a rational number and multiplying by its reciprocal result in equivalent values
determine, with and without computation, whether a quantity is increased or decreased when multiplied by a fraction, including values greater than or less than one
represent integer operations with concrete models and connect the actions with the models to standardized algorithms
add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers fluently
multiply and divide positive rational numbers fluently

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